25 june

summer's glory

i'm working on something.  i swear.  back soon to share.


12 may

the art.  the art!  the art.  

thank you angie and maria (and my friend laura - i had no idea you read my blog!) for holding me to it.  i mean, i know it's next week and not tomorrow, but i'm here.  and feeling like it's anti-climactic at this point, after all of the promising to talk about the art and stringing you along.  but i'm going to tell you all about it anyway because really, it's something.


it's hanging at eyebuzz until the middle of june.  a show devoted entirely to small, unframed works on paper.  tacked to the walls using a most ingenious and stunning system of reclaimed boards and steel (is it steel, tara?) strips and tiny magnets.

i love to paint on paper.  i love the feel of paper, i love taped edges and smooth texture and i love the possibilities of paper.  i love paper, but i don't love framing my paintings on paper (aside from being expensive, i really enjoy the "noise" on the edges of the paper around the painting that's lost when a painting is matted and framed.  i realize that there are framing options that would reveal these edges and this "noise," and i could go on about the framing and the edges and the noise, but that will have to wait for another day.  or another week.) and i have long imagined a show where my paintings on paper were pinned to walls.  needless to say, i love the concept for this show.

it's not only that.  there is something very precious about unframed artwork on paper, i think.  it's fleeting in a certain way.  fleeting, and precious.  so imagine an entire gallery filled with fleeting, precious unframed artwork on paper.  swoon.

the show is full (and i mean FULL - there is work lining the walls of the gallery and filling a file box on the counter) of these small artworks on paper by a host of talented artists.  i was especially thrilled to see the work of some of my friends in person for the first time.  to be introduced to new-to-me artists.  and to see a different sort of painting from artists whose work i've admired.  all of it unframed, tacked to the walls with teensy magnets.  it's something.

i wish you could see it in person.  i wish you could see the show and i wish you could see the eyebuzz gallery.  and i wish you could meet tara and tim who are two of the loveliest people i've met in a long long time.  i wish you could be there.  i wish we could all be there together.  but all of the work is available in the eyebuzz online shop, and that will have to do for today.  it doesn't have the reclaimed boards or the teeny tiny magnets (or the super cute town) or the promise of a hug from a new friend, but you'll get a sense, i hope.  have a look, won't you?


5 may

blur in the woods

the art!  i know, i've been remiss in telling you about the art - and there's so much that i want to tell you.  about the beautiful work hanging at eyebuzz this month, and about the evolution of the work that i created for the show.  

but there's been grandparents visiting and grandparents' day at school and a big celebration for this organization which is near and dear to my heart, and baseball and softball and baseball and softball and baseball and softball and baseball, and an orientation to a new school, and some painting and lots of cooking and trip-planning and a choir performance and a fourth-grade plant sale and lots of plants to deliver and the heat - oh has it been hot here this week.  and that's not even all.

so the art will have to wait until tomorrow.  and by tomorrow, i really mean tomorrow.  hold me to that, won't you?

but in the meantime.  shari has suggested a week of blur/abstract photos, and you know how i feel about blur.  

also, today is my mother's birthday.  and her mother's birthday.  so we have some celebrating to do around these parts.

tomorrow, the art.


26 april

saturday, dinner.

i want to tell you about the art.  really, i do.  there was so much of it, so many varied works - different media, different styles - all of it on small pieces of paper tacked to the walls with magnets.  i want to tell you how lovely it looked, beautifully worn boards lining the walls covered with little paintings and tiny magnets.  i want to tell you all about it, but first i have to talk about the people.

when i'm asked how i met the owners of the eyebuzz gallery in tarrytown, ny, i find it hard to answer.  do i simply say, "we met online?"  or, "through my blog?"  do i explain that i'm lucky enough to have an online community of friends who are artists and artists who are friends?  i never know.  so i say they are my friends.

and saturday evening was all about friends.  

when i walked into the gallery and introduced myself to tim, and when tara walked in a bit later - it was as though i had always known them.  when amisha called to say her train had arrived and when i walked to the corner to meet her, i was giddy at meeting an old friend.  when amy walked into the gallery with her boys and we recognized each other instantly, i was overcome by the connections we share.  when i introduced amy and amisha and realized suddenly the things they share in common, i had goosebumps.  we talked - all of us - we talked and talked on saturday night - about daughters and nepal and paintings and law school and cameras and camera straps and scarves and film and sewing and pizza and family and on and on and on.  

two of my childhood friends joined us at the opening celebration and later at dinner - and i felt like i was in a little bubble of friendship and love and history and possibility.  i know it sounds silly and corny, but as i sat there at a dinner table with friends who have known me since i was 14 and friends i've only just met face to face, i kept thinking about the song: "one is silver and the other is gold."  it's corny, but it's true.

when all was said and done - when we had talked and talked and eaten and talked and hugged and taken photos and laughed, and after i had said goodbye to my old friends and we had taken amisha to the train and i said goodbye to tara and tim and i was back in my car on the way out of town - when all was said and done i felt keenly aware of how we hadn't even begun to scratch the surface.  of how we covered so much and there is still so much left.  all the way home i was thinking about friends.

about the friends i've known forever.  the people who know me from before i was me.  the people for whom it doesn't matter, really, who or where or what i am because we share a childhood of sorts, we share history.  we hardly need to fill in the blanks, and we will always be a part of each other's stories in one way or another.  they are a part of me.

and i thought about my new friends.  about how we know each other in a particular way that is dear and intimate, and yet i do not know where tara went to college.  or what is amisha's favorite color.  it's an unusual thing we have - a way of knowing each other that is solely of this time.  a way of knowing each other as the people we are today without all of the layers of life - the good and the bad - that fill in the shadows of ourselves.  a way of knowing each other that is so full of possibility.

am i rambling?  it feels to me like rambling in a way, but i prefer to think of it like this.  i am so full from this weekend - so full of friendship - that i am spilling over with possibility and reflection.  like the cup, filled to the brim and then filled some more.  i am that cup today, full to overflowing.  the rest will have to wait.


21 april


i was honored to be invited to participate in the "paper" show currently hanging at the eyebuzz gallery in tarrytown, new york.  it's a lovely show - all small works on paper, all unframed, all under $200.  some of my favorite artist friends are also in the show.  as well as some lovely new to me artists.  

six pieces from my "underpaintgs" series are hanging in the show (you can see a peek of them hanging here), and they'll be for sale in the eyebuzz online shop soon.

i'm headed up to tarrytown this weekend for the opening.  i'm excited to see the gallery in person, to see the show, and to see some special friends.  

* * * * * * * *

a few other bits of news:

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* * * * * * * *

there's more, i know.  but it's 5pm and all i've got for dinner so far is oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies.  oops.