14 june

i made a frittata for lunch today.  and for tonight's supper and probably for tomorrow's lunch.  frittata is one of my favorite summertime lunches, and i like to make them big so they last.  this one was 3 zucchini + 2 onions sliced paper thin and caramelized, a dozen eggs from the farm around the corner and some sea salt.  

it takes a long time, that frittata.  to slice the vegetables and cook them down until they're gently browned, to wait for the eggs to set.  bennett asked me why i bother.  why i spend so much time and effort on something that only two of us will eat.  (why my children won't eat this is beyond me - they eat eggs.  they eat vegetables.)  there must be some sort of equation.  amount of care in the cooking x wholesome ingredients = what?  extra nourishment?  i'd like to think so.

also, i remembered how much i enjoy taking pictures of food.  it's been awhile.


11 june

it feels like all i've been shooting lately is flowers.  and little league games.  

our dear (former) babysitter is getting married in august.  she asked lucy to be a junior bridesmaid, and she asked me if i would consider photographing the wedding.  lucy would love to be a junior bridesmaid (i haven't told her yet), and i'm terrified at the notion of photographing the wedding.  

i have been wanting to move myself outside of my comfort zone, it's true.  but it's a wedding, for heavens sake!  a wedding.  can i do that?  i don't know.

i do know that i'm thoroughly smitten with jen's new weddings site.  and with the notion of possibility.

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