hello!  and welcome, thank you for visiting this space.  

i’m a painter and photographer living in baltimore, maryland.  i’m also – and maybe more so – a mother and a wife, a daughter, granddaughter, sister, aunt, a baker, a breakfast, lunch, and dinner maker, a friend and a hiker and a lover of the details of life.  the beach is my favorite place, though the woods are a close second.  i like to play board games and cards, i read the newspaper every day, and i have a weakness for cookie dough.  

i paint in oils and acrylics on paper and on wood panel.  in my paintings, i try to capture my own experience of a moment in time – i’m looking for the feeling, the light and the life in any given moment.  the horizon fascinates me; i am drawn to deconstructing the landscape, and i love to paint flowers.  

in addition to painting, i spend a good bit of time with my face behind the camera shooting my everyday life – especially food, beautiful light, and my children.  i use a nikon d7000 and a variety of lenses.  i keep a pentax k1000 and a nikon n65 loaded with film for fun.

in 2008, my friend molly and i started a photo + words project called habit, where - together with other bloggers and photographers - we capture and collect bits of our everyday lives.  in 2013, molly + i were joined by our friend tara, and together we strive to hold on to the fleeting moments of our lives.  we believe in the power of gathering those bits together in one place, and the concept seems to resonate with people.  i still get goosebumps some days when i read the blog.

if you’d like to know more, you can find me:

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or send me an email.  i’d love to hear from you.